Kimbrough Brothers – “Lord Have Mercy”

Yesterday was Jeff Henson’s birthday. I posted a message on his Facebook wall to wish him a happy birthday and included a link to a video in which he can be seen briefly. The video is from the North Mississippi Hill Country Picnic, an annual event that I attend regularly. The picnic is organized by Kenny Brown and it celebrates the legacy of North Mississippi blues music masters like Mississippi Fred McDowell, Otha Turner, Jessie Mae Hemphill, Junior Kimbrough, and R. L. Burnside among others. The video shows three sons of Junior Kimbrough playing a Junior Kimbrough song. Jeff is sitting at the side of the stage in overalls and straw hat.

The picnic is a two day event. I go to enjoy the music but I usually shoot still photos. Last year I shot video instead and I only got to go one of the two days. I shot lots of video but this is the only recording that was usable. The camera had a problem and had to be shipped off for repair. I tried to capture many of the magic moments from that day but this is the only one I can share with you.

Thanks for having a birthday Jeff. It reminded me of this video which is just a small relic from a really great day at the picnic.

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