Three Student Films Worth Watching

Campus MovieFest is a worldwide film festival which visits universities and provides basic equipment for student filmmakers to use for a week. CMF was on the campus of the University of Alabama recently and several students who work with me in the Center for Public TV & Radio participated. I am proud to recommend their films for you to enjoy.

The first film is by a team led by Melissa Smith who works with me as an assistant producer.

Astray Cast & Crew :
Melissa Smith – Captain, Director, Editor
Andrew Carey- Actor
Zachary Ponds- Boom Operator
Seth Collins- Actor
Kristin Bruns- Camera Operator
Katie Jackson- Sound Mixer/Designer
Mallory Clark- Director of Photography

The second film is by a team led by Hamilton Henson who works with me as an editor.

Miss Peabody Is Dead Cast & Crew :
Hamilton Henson – Captain, Director
Andrew Carey- Story Editor
Carly Palmour- Director of Photography
Thomas Walker- Techie
John Paul Snead- Lord Snarkleroy
Jessica May- Madame Sinair
Micah Russell- Assistant Director
Jake Green- Jake the Butler
William Mason- Sound Department
Natalie Riegel- Miss Peabody
Amber Gibson- The Duchess
Patrick Croce- Chief Firewater

And the third film is by a team led by Alex Beatty. The team includes Thomas Coiner and Johnathan Morris. Alex, Thomas, and Johnathan all work with the Center for Public TV & Radio.

Here and Now Cast & Crew :
Alex Beatty – Captain, Director, Editor, Writer
Thomas Coiner- Camera, Audio
Sarah Selleck- Actress
Hunter Barcroft- Audio
Craig Robertson- Actor
Kelley Jackson- Actress
Johnathan Morris- Camera, DP
Janie Wallace- Actress
Laura Willoughby- Actress
Nicolas Sweatt- Script Supervisior, Audio
Andrew Walker- Extra

They all did a great job, didn’t they? I’m really proud of them!

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