The 2011 North Mississippi Hill Country Picnic

That's Blue Mother Tupelo on the stage. I'm on the right with the video camera.

I shot some video at the 2011 North Mississippi Hill Country Picnic which I would like to share here. The Picnic is an annual music festival held near Holly Springs, Mississippi. Cindy and I go every year.

As I upload videos to, I will add them to a playlist for the 2011 North Mississippi Hill Country Picnic. You can watch the playlist below. I shot video of almost all of the artists who performed. Avid concert taper, vanark, recorded almost all of the performers as well and has graciously consented to allow me to sync his sound recordings with my video.

Devil Down Records was also there recording. Read my review of the compilation CD Devil Down Records released following the 2010 event.

Now, here’s some video:

You can choose individual videos from the playlist by following this link:

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