The 2011 Alabama Cigar Box Guitar Festival Videos

The 7th annual Alabama Cigar Box Guitar Festival (formerly called the Cigar Box Guitar Extravaganza) took place in June, 2011 in Huntsville, Alabama and my wife and I had a wonderful time there. This is the annual event at which my documentary, “Songs Inside The Box” was shot several years ago and this year’s event included a screening of another of my documentaries, “Richard Johnston: Hill Country Troubadour.” It was through Richard Johnston that I learned about cigar box guitars and this unique Alabama event.

The event opened on Friday night with a performance by Hymn for Her, a very talented duo currently touring the country. Their performance contract excluded shooting video, so we just sat and enjoyed their performance. The next evening included performances by several more artists who graciously allowed me to point a camera at them.

I have created a YouTube playlist which is embedded below so you can watch all six videos in sequence. If you prefer to watch the videos one at a time, there are links below this window:

Performers included Pat Nickel, Little Johnny Kantreed, Seven Hills Stomp, Johnny Lowebow, Earl “Guitar” Williams, and Nadaband. My friend Microwave Dave also played that evening and I regret that the video I shot of his great performance didn’t turn out well due to a technical problem.

I hope you enjoy these videos!

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