North Grows on the Moss Side

North grows on the moss side of the tree.

My mom mixed up words sometimes as she spoke. She also switched sounds within words in a phrase. Through the years, family members jotted down some of her strange sayings on little notes and placed them in a basket. I’ve been going through the basket today and I’d like to share some of my favorites.

Most cats bark at dogs.

My tie’s unshoed.

That’s the bappiest hird in the world.

I’m in shad bape.

Let’s chip the dicken in the honey mustard sauce.

This fall is chairing apart.

Wrap it with faluminum oil.

The Biberty Lell is in Philadelphia.

I balk tackwards.

That’s a cute beddy tear.

This warm is rathbobe.

From that moment on, her bathrobe was known as a rathbobe. She wore sledroom bippers too.

I like boot reer.

I was turning about thinking the TV off.

The dog is tagging its wail.

How can there be any trees left on the leaves when there are so many trees on the ground?

It’s beginning to lot a look like Christmas.

I’d like a sowl of boup for supper.

Are you birding the feed?

I hope my eyes aren’t stigger than my bomach.

I’m enjoying this gink prapefruit.

I’d like rushmooms with my steak.

Are we hoing gome?

My mother bored a head in my hole and poured that knowledge in.

There’s a dack blog in the yard.

It’s the hardest thing I day every do.

I feel weal reek today.

I need to trush my beeth.

I tan’t calk.

It’s time to shise and rine.

Your cold are hands.

The bird really does eat a lot of fird bood.

That bright is very light!

Is it snowing to go tonight?

My tang gets toungled up sometimes.

I haven’t seen any bumming hirds.

I’m not strinking thait.

Please bath me put on my helprobe.

I knew she was talking about her rathbobe.

Have you dicted it up in a looktionary?

I’m a pittle luzzled.

You hit the hail on the nead.

I would like weef bellington.

This dot hog is really good!

Kill two stones with one bird.

That scrat loves its catching post.

Do bananas peel monkeys?

That is a bittle litty egg.

Is that ox bempty?

Let’s have picken chot pie for lunch.

Are those jalapeno hotters pep?

I’m just going to shut down and sit up.

Cindy, Mary, Mom and KT at Hospice of West Alabama
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