Mississippi High School Film Competition 2016

The MS High School Film Competition, sponsored by the Tupelo Film Festival Society, is a competition that has been created to promote the art of filmmaking to Mississippi High School students involved in film and television classes, film groups or individual filmmaking.

This competition has been running for several years and I have been honored to serve as a judge. The competition this year will be held Saturday, April 16th at the Malco Theatre in Tupelo, MS. you can find information about it here:

Folks, if you have the means, please support this event. Some of the films each year are great. All of them are entertaining. These young filmmakers have learned, sweated, worried, lost sleep, and triumphed by producing a film. Some are documentaries. Some are animations. Most are narrative films which tell amusing, imaginative stories.

The event is coordinated by Pat Rasberry. Pat and her husband Raz are delightful people. Pat is the type of person who gets things done despite adversity. She’s been sick and almost called it off. She carried on because she very much wanted to continue encouraging young filmmakers. Some past participants have gone on to study filmmaking in college and one young lady started a film festival in her home town.

I’ve been able to go to the competition several years in the past but I won’t be able to make it there this year. I hope you can.

As a judge, I get to watch the films at home. I’ll be watching them over this weekend.

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