Cedric Burnside and Lightnin’ Malcolm – “Old Black Mattie”

Cedric Burnside and Lightnin’ Malcolm are joined onstage by R. L. Burnside, Jr. at the 5th annual North Mississippi Hill Country Picnic in Potts Camp, MS on June 25th, 2010. Cedric Burnside’s father played drums on the most widely heard recording of this song from the album “Too Bad Jim” by R. L. Burnside, and Cedric played drums with his grandfather on later recordings. Cedric and Malcolm have received awards and critical acclaim for their recordings and live shows billed either as the Two Man Wrecking Crew or the Juke Joint Duo.

I’m sorry the sound is a bit distorted, but this was a fun moment that I decided to share anyway. Hosted by Kenny Brown, who played guitar with the late R. L. Burnside, the North Mississippi Hill Country Picnic is a two day music festival that takes place in rural north Mississippi and honors the legacy of R. L. Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, and Otha Turner by featuring many of their talented relatives who continue to perform.

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