2011 UA Campus Movie Fest Winners

Winners of the 2011 Campus MovieFest Film Festival at The University of Alabama were announced February 10th at the Red Carpet Finale at the Ferguson Center Theater. All recipients of the top awards for Best Picture, Best Comedy and Best Drama received a free version of Final Cut Pro Studio, an iPod and were invited to the Campus MovieFest International Grand Finale in Los Angeles, Calif. this summer.


Best Picture was awarded to the film “Sugarbaby,” the story of a guy Mark who is trying to break up with his (hopefully soon-to-be ex) girlfriend Stacy, but she is not going to let him go easily when she reveals a big surprise. “Sugarbaby” was created by the group Bob Lob Laws. Group member Hamilton Henson works with me at the Center for Public TV & Radio and can be seen in the background wearing headphones. Congratulations Hamilton! Watch “Sugarbaby.”


Best Comedy was awarded to the film “Mind Games,” the classic story of boy chases girl with a comedic twist. Most films are driven by dialogue, but not this film. This film strictly shows what the characters are thinking. The characters bodies might be saying one thing, but their minds are saying something else.”MInd Game” also won the award for MOST POPULAR by obtaining the most YouTube views during the past week. This film was created by the group Fast Forward. Watch “Mind Games.”


Best Drama was awarded to the film “Bottom of the Glass,” the story of how an unique protagonist loses everything he’s loved in the blink of an eye. With nothing to live for he fills his life with a collection of self-deprecation to fill the empty void. His life seems lost until someone comes along to remind him that life is worth living even after tragedy. “Bottom of the Glass” was created by the group Que The Lights. Watch “Bottom of the Glass.”


This year, the Ferguson Center and Bama Dining teamed up to award a team with fun prizes based on the number of votes they received during the two days prior to the finale. Fans could vote as many times as they wanted by text, twitter or web voting. The Bama Dining Fan Favorite award was given to the film “Blue Barry.” Barry, a blue bird, takes on the scummiest of parking lot birds in this stop-action thriller. The clay animation movie was created by the team The Coiner Production. Thomas Coiner is a survivor of my Intro to Media Production class and has worked with me at the Center for Public TV & Radio. Congratulations Thomas! Watch “Blue Barry.”


I’d also like to congratulate one of my current students, Kathleen Davis. Her group’s production, “In Search of Comedy” turned out well despite the fact that I was out of town when Kathleen contacted me to help her find locations. Way to go Kathleen! Watch “In Search of Comedy.”


Participants were also recognized for specific talents and specific aspects of their movies with the Golden Tripod Awards:

Best Director: Thomas Coiner with “Blue Barry”

Best Cinematography: “Hustle”
Matt Phillips, another survivor of my class worked on this one. Congratulations Matt!

Best Soundtrack: “That’s Why Your Name Isn’t Dante”


Three semifinalists were also announced for the AT&T Rethink Possible award, which gives them the chance to compete for one of the five spots to pitch their work to Hollywood executives. The finalists include:

“Blue Barry,” “Bottom of the Glass” and “A Certain Woman.”

Campus MovieFest is the world’s largest student film festival and has traveled across the country providing college students with all the equipment they need to create a short film for free in one week. This is the fourth year that Campus MovieFest has come to UA.

For more information about Campus MovieFest or to see the CMF movies, visit www.campusmoviefest.com.

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